Your Child’s First Visit

Question: At what age should my child have his/her first dental appointment?


Answer: This is probably the most common question I receive from parents of small children. Ideally, children should see a dentist soon after the first baby teeth appear and no later than the first birthday. More often, however, children are not seen by a dentist until age three and beyond. By then, many children have already developed more than one cavity. One reason is that too many infants and toddlers are allowed to drink juice or milk from sippy cups and bottles throughout the day. Some are even put to bed with bottles containing milk or other sugary liquids. This damaging habit causes rapid development of cavities at a very early age. When infants are seen by a dentist before age one, their parents can receive valuable advice on proper hygiene and dietary practices. The lessons learned will provide parents and children a solid foundation for healthy smiles for years to come. Ask your dentist about setting up an appointment for your child today.