Bottled Water

Question: Our family uses bottled water or a home filtration system for all of our drinking water. Are we still getting the optimal levels of fluoride needed to protect our teeth?


Answer: Most likely, the answer is no. The optimal water fluoride concentration for preventing tooth decay is between 0.7 and 1.2 parts per million. Most bottled water products do not contain fluoride and many home filtration systems significantly reduce the fluoride concentration of water obtained from your public water source. This can be a problem, because studies have shown that children who grow up with non-fluoridated drinking water can be as much as 50% more likely to develop tooth decay. If you still prefer to drink bottled water, fluoridated bottled water is available at some stores. If you use a water filtration system in your home, contact the manufacturer and ask if the system filters out fluoride. If you feel that your family isn’t getting the fluoride needed for optimal protection, ask your dentist for alternative fluoride sources that would be appropriate for you.