Juice and Kids

Question: Lately, my child only likes drinking juice. Can this new habit cause any dental problems?


Answer: Studies show that over the past few decades, juice consumption by children has been on the rise. One such study found that over 50% of all fruits and vegetables consumed by children are in the form of fruit juice. While some juices can be healthy in moderation, many of the products designed for easy consumption by children, like juice boxes, contain an alarming amount of sugar. When children take frequent sips of juice throughout the day their risk for developing tooth decay increases dramatically. In fact, daily juice consumption is the most common factor involved among children who develop tooth decay in my practice. I discourage the parents of my young patients from introducing fruit juice to their children at a young age. When children start drinking juice early, it is a difficult habit to break. Instead of giving your child apple juice, give her an apple and feel confident that you are doing what’s best for her teeth.