Athletic Mouth Guards

Question: Is it a good idea for my child to wear an athletic mouth guard for sports?


Answer: Yes!  With so many young people participating in sports and other active endeavors, traumatic dental injuries are quite common. For classic contact sports like football, basketball, and hockey, an athletic mouth guard should be considered mandatory; although I have treated traumatic injuries from many other sports as well, including “non-contact” sports like softball and soccer. The most common injuries are chipped teeth and lacerations of the lips, but more serious injuries like complete loss of one or more teeth can also occur. Such injuries can alter a child’s appearance and self-confidence for the rest of his or her life. A simple solution is to purchase a basic athletic mouth guard at your local sporting goods store. It is an inexpensive way to prevent serious injuries that can cost children much more than dollars and cents. Ask your dentist about athletic mouth guards before your child takes the field this summer.