Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Question: How can I tell if I have a cracked tooth?


Answer:  Most teeth have microscopic cracks that never become symptomatic. But, sometimes, a cracked tooth can cause significant discomfort and even result in the loss of the tooth. The most common symptom of a cracked tooth is a sharp pain that occurs when biting into food that is sometimes worse as the bite pressure is released. Often cracked teeth will also be very sensitive to hot or cold foods. Cracks can develop in any tooth, but are most common in teeth that have large fillings or cavities. Cracks are also more common in patients who have destructive habits such as tooth-clenching or chewing hard items such as ice cubes or popcorn kernels. Treatment for a cracked tooth may range from a simple filling to a crown and may sometimes require root canal therapy if the nerve has been damaged. Untreated cracks can lead to tooth decay, fracture, infection, and even tooth loss. Contact your dentist immediately if any of these symptoms should develop in your mouth.