Dentures and Implants

Question: I’ve worn dentures for many years, but they don’t fit very well anymore. What can I do?


Answer: The most common complaint I receive from denture wearers is that their dentures feel loose. This causes discomfort and makes eating and speaking difficult. The simplest solution is to have the dentures relined. Relining or resurfacing the underside of the denture will fill in any spaces that have developed over the years due to bone loss and provide a better fitting denture. Some patients have lost too much bone, however, for a reline to be effective. Those patients should consider having dental implants placed to help support their dentures. An implant-supported denture is much more stable and permits the wearer to eat solid foods without dislodging the denture. In most cases, a new denture is not even required. An existing denture can easily be retrofitted with implant attachments. If you are a long-suffering denture wearer, don’t suffer anymore; ask your dentist how implants can help you.